[The First Steps]

Be The Influencer!!!! Yes, here at Poetic Phases we establish our own vocabulary because that is what this blog is about. Dont judge our uniqueness. But, if you feel that you have some music, artwork, fashion designs, poetry, dancing videos or videos in general that you would like to have featured here on the Poetic Phases blog, email us at poeticphases@gmail.com. Make sure that when you do submit any of the items listed above that you have all of the correct information such as:

  • Artist’s Name
  • Name of Track, Artwork, Poetry, Ect.
  • A little Biography
  • A photo

and thats about it really. If it does not get featured on here, dont be upset, it just means that your work needs a little more improvement, and then you can re-submit it, and it might be featured. Most likely, we feel that everyone does deserve a shot at their dreams and goals, so it will most likely be featured. But hit us up if you think that you are Double P material.

We all have a Dream,…How we achieve it is on us”-PP

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