Poetic Phases Presents: “Drip’ N Steeze: An Exclusive Interview”

 Who Is Drip’ N Steeze??

Interview Company: Poetic Phases
Interview Representative: Didi Ling-D
Interviewee: Drip N Steeze (ThatDNSCrew)
Reigning From: Pasadena, California

Since High School, I had always heard about these “kids” that were jerk dancers, and were exceptionally good at it. I never paid any mind to jerking, until a couple of my peers kept telling me to check out the Jerking Videos of Drip’ N Steeze. I finally stopped being lazy and tuned into their videos. Not too long after that, I was hooked. Not because of the jerking, but they had alot of dedication and creativity. About two years later, I began to notice that they were focusing more on their musical talent, rather than their dancing. After listening to a couple of their songs, I began to see how much their lyrical content had progressed. In my opinion, their best Mixtapes thus far have to be: “Her Favorite Crew” and “Lights Out“. These two brothers, Switch and Frezh, put so much time into perfection, that they always get the result they are expecting: Greatness. Poetic Phases is going to take you inside of their hard work ethic, their average day lifestyle, and their life goals. Poetic Phases Presents: “Who Is Drip’ N Steeze??: An Exclusive Interview“. Enjoy!!!!

1. Who is Drip’n Steeze and what caused the both of you form this group?

A: “Drip’n Steeze is a two-member crew which had started as a 5 member jerk group. The two members who create Drip’n Steeze are the two brothers, Frezh & Switch. We both wanted to create a jerk crew, and that’s what happened..we just slowly fell more in love with the music part of what we were doing and it all happened from there.”

2.  Why did you guys begin to rap? Did you guys always see yourself being in the Music Industry?

A: Switch: “Funny thing is that Frezh was in “Drip’n Steeze” with two other members, and Switch was in his own crew with his best friend. They dissed Frezh for fun, and then Frezh and his crew dissed them back….and after that, we just became a big crew who wanted to start doing music. At first, no, because we were baseball players practically our whole lives, but once we started, it was no turning back”.

3. Where do the both of you get your inspiration from to make the songs that you all make?

A: Switch: “I’m my own inspiration.” Frezh: “I  am inspired by the things I see daily, and the problems I know myself and others are going through at that moment.”

4. Who are some of your influences and musical influences?

A: Switch: “I’m personally influenced by Bow Wow & my family”. Frezh: “I’m influenced by a significant other.”

5. Your recent Mixtape “Lights Out” has been a very successful, and was a great project overall. How did you feel about this Mixtape compared to all of your other ones? What are some of your favorite songs from this Mixtape?

A: “We feel as if this was definitely our best mix tape so far, but of course has much improvement to come, and which will come. Some of our favorites would have to be “She Likes the Dough”, “Swipe”, “Away”, & “With Me”. ”

6. Now we noticed that Frezh does a lot of the editing for the Videos. Do you all always prefer to do your own Videos & Production for your Music yourselves, or do you have a team that helps out?

A: Switch: “We like to do everything ourselves, probably about 95% of everything we do is created by us. Frezh edits all of the videos and Switch engineers all of the songs we do. But of course, it’s always good to sometimes switch it up you know, go to the studio, get a different vibe. ”

7. What upcoming projects can we expect from Drip’ n Steeze for this year of 2013?

A: “You can expect another mixtape and most likely our first album.”

8. Where do you all see yourself 5 Years from now?

A: Frezh: “I see myself on billboards, magazines, everywhere. Performing in stadiums and arenas. Hard work is key.”

Switch: “On a big stage with lights so bright that I can’t even see anything.”

9. How many “Hours” a day do you all put in to perfect your Talent?

A: “To be honest we wouldn’t even be able to count. Sometimes we have nights where we’re just going over videos, talking about what we could do better, and other nights we’ll get no sleep just listening to beats and recording.”

10. What are a few things you all like to do when you are not putting in hard work and dedication in the studio?

A: “We like to go to the gym, listen to music, drive around, chill w the bros, chill with the girls, you know (:”

11. Is there anything you would like to say to your Fans & people that look up to you?

A: “Thank you for supporting us, without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We do what we want, because of the things you do for us, and we couldn’t be anymore humbled about it. Much love to you all.”

12. Last but not least, what is one life goal you expect to accomplish before you leave this Earth?

A: Frezh: “I want to be able to pay for my parents to go anywhere they want, and skydiving lol.”

Switch : “Skydiving (:”

Poetic Phases would like to say Thank You to “Drip’N Steeze” for this Exclusive Interview!!!!!
“Feeding The Minds Through The Mouths Of Words, Music, And Passion!!!!”

 Drip’ N Steeze Promotional Video

Drip’N Steeze Recent Video: “Swipe” ft. King Cire

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