MDH (Modern Day Hippies)-Exclusive Interview

Interview Company: Poetic Phases
Interview Representative: Didi Ling-D
Interviewee: MDH (Modern Day Hippies)
Reigning from: Seattle, WA 

After discovering these amazing dudes from just browsing the website of GMAD (Good Music All Day), I fell in love with their style and creative sound of music. Their single and video: “Like We Don’t Give A F***” literally blew my eardrums away, and I was sold and motivated to do whatever I could to get an interview with these young lads. They are a hardworking duo, and put in all of their effort to keep their fans satisfied. I am glad to say that I am thankful I was able to do the interview with them, and get in on who MDH really was. Here is the interview and I hope you all enjoy it!!!

” Getting Real With MDH (Modern Day Hippies)”-Official Poetic Phases Interview

Who are the Modern Day Hippies and what caused you all to form the group?

SPRIGGZ: We just wanted to try something new and represent the northwest.
MILO: Music in general is starting to sound to electronically produced and the same. We wanted to try something new and organic. A blend of MIDI instruments and real instruments. as well as blending styles. Indie, hip-hop, rock,pop.. we touch on it all.

What genre would you say your music fits into and why?

MILO: It’s a blend of all. Thats what makes MDH so different and unique.

Where do you get your inspiration from to make the songs that you all make?

SPRIGGZ: Our inspirations are really between ourselves, we tend to complement each other pretty well through Milo’s production and my lyrics.
MILO: From a production point of view, my inspirations for the instrumentals really come from the desire to have a really diverse album. I want every song to stand on its own. i want a full length album that people can really listen to all the way through without skipping a song or getting bored.

•Who are some of your musical influences?
SPRIGGZ: Biggie, Big L, 50 cent,Wiz
MILO: From rock to hip-hop, i listen to it all. Right now my top would probably be Box Car Racer, We Came As Romans, Wiz Khalifa, Swollen Members, & Macklemore. (REP THE NORTHWEST!)

Your single and video “Ain’t Comin Down” had great views on YouTube when you first dropped it. How did it feel to have more than 10,000 views within four days of releasing the second video to your newest single “Like We Don’t Give A F*ck?”

SPRIGGZ: It was a great feeling knowing that our music is really catching our fan’s attention.
MILO: For us “Ain’t Comin Down” really was an unexpected overnight success. So we weren’t expecting it to happen twice what so ever. To reach 10,000 views in 4 days is truly a sign we must be doing something right. Love it or hate it.

Your Album “Overture” drops July 27th. What are you expecting and feeling once the album drops? And how soon do you plan to tour after the album is released?

SPRIGGZ: I think we will get a lot of feedback from it being that its our first full length album, and as far as touring goes later in the summer or the beginning of fall.
MILO: I’m really excited to see how people react to it. Our first EP had great feedback, and this album takes a lot of those same elements and also explores new sounds and styles. This album has really consumed the past 6 months of our lives. So I’m hoping all those late night studio sessions until 3a.m. will be well worth it in the end. As far as touring goes, watch out for us this fall!

How do you feel about some of the artists that are out there today? Do you see them as great competition?
SPRIGGZ: I feel that there’s a lot of talent out today.
MILO: To be honest, i feel a lot of talented artists that deserve to be heard are really unknown. And on the flip side a lot of the artists that are known aren’t really that talented. Simply a product of major labels. But i don’t feel any competition. I feel we are all in this business for the love of the music, not to own the tittle of “the best.”

Is there anybody you would like to thank for getting you this far in your guys career?
SPRIGGZ: Real talk, i would like to thank my guy Milo for providing everything to sound great and without me meeting him this music would’ve never happened.
MILO: Spriggz for taking a chance on something new. Chirs Fenwick at Good Music All Day. Matt Impastato at Blackbook Music Group. And of course my girlfriend, family, and friends for all the support and making it out to all the shows!


2 Responses to MDH (Modern Day Hippies)-Exclusive Interview

  1. Rashunda Neely says:

    I agree with Milo when he said there are a lot of artist that have talent who are not getting heard.Some of the music of today times is really “interesting” , but good luck of your future success.

  2. Rashunda Neely says:

    I agree with Milo when he said there are a lot of artist that have talent who are not getting heard.Some of the music of today times is really “interesting” , but good luck on your future success.

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