Jamal Taylor Exclusive Interview

Interview Company: Poetic Phases
Interview Representative: Didi Ling-D
Interviewee: Jamal Taylor
Reigning From: Monroe, North Carolina 

So after browsing the Youtube channel, looking at raw talent like I usually do trying to see whose on the come up, I ran into a video of a young man that did a freestyle over Jay-Z & Kanye West’s song Otis. The freestyle was indeed beyond amazing, it was awesome. I then began to check out the rest of his videos and songs, and I must admit, I fell in love with all of them. I then downloaded his first mixtape Skins and my ears must have bursted from hearing such profound musical talent. Jamal Taylor has been on the rise to stardom since the year 2007 & he has come such a long way. He has grown up & matured so much with his music, that it’s hard to ignore it. He just released his mixtape Drunk Sluts & Pantyhose and it was great. His lyrical content is beyond words. We caught up with Mr. Taylor to see what goes on through his mind when making these amazing songs. We get real and see “Who is Jamal Taylor?“.Here is the interview & I hope you all enjoy it!!!! =)

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