Nate Collins- “Let You Love Me” | New Music

 So, as I was tweeting away on my tweet deck, I noticed a young man that kept “persistently” promoting this link to view his music. Usually when young people like this constantly do this, I pay them no mind at all (just being honest). However, something was telling me to just check him out. Now his appearance resembles a rapper, however, I was proven wrong when listening to this young man’s music. He’s actually a upcoming singer & he’s good at it too!!! Now this song “Let You Love Me“, is a bit old, but his song that has the most views!!! So, everyone, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Nate Collins. Please checkout more of his new music at:

About Poetic Phases

Here at Poetic Phases, the mission is too expose the youth and adults to the true essence and beauty of what poetry,music,art, and fashion have to offer. The goal is to infect the minds of individuals with awesome creativity strategies and skills, so that they may be able to build up their own foundation to express themselves through the sound of music, though the mouth of words, and through paintings. Poetic Phases does interviews on upcoming artists, exposes and promotes paintings and any type of artwork from upcoming painters and art designers, music (all types) from upcoming artists and musicians, and of course promotes philosophical and poetic elements that come from the hands and mouths of those that have something to share or say. Poetic Phases is all about teaching people how to be themselves by having creativity, and the motivation and drive to reach their life goals, dreams, and ambitions. WE ARE POETIC PHASES!!
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