JMSN – “Jameson” | Music Video

Here’s what JMSN had to say about the video on his Tumblr page:
The Girl represents temptation.
The Little boy represents the innocent boy in me.
She holds the boy very closely. When I engage in temptation, she holds my innocence.
She puts my innocence in his crib, far away, before tempting me.
When the boy gets curious about the world he sees the empty things I’m partaking in. He’s not being looked after. And so he gets lost in a place where he shouldn’t be.
After a while he finds a place that looks like fun but ultimately will lead to the demise of my ignorance and innocence. Ignorance is no excuse for the laws of nature. The boy (innocence) ends up drowning and being lost forever because of my actions. My empty self satisfying actions orchestrated the death of my innocence.
All of the floating object’s represent parts of my innocence that are floating away into the abyss, as my innocence roams farther and farther away.
The Girl is distraught after losing this innocence because thats not really what she wanted. The devil isn’t satisfied with deceit unless theres someone there to deceive.

About Poetic Phases

Here at Poetic Phases, the mission is too expose the youth and adults to the true essence and beauty of what poetry,music,art, and fashion have to offer. The goal is to infect the minds of individuals with awesome creativity strategies and skills, so that they may be able to build up their own foundation to express themselves through the sound of music, though the mouth of words, and through paintings. Poetic Phases does interviews on upcoming artists, exposes and promotes paintings and any type of artwork from upcoming painters and art designers, music (all types) from upcoming artists and musicians, and of course promotes philosophical and poetic elements that come from the hands and mouths of those that have something to share or say. Poetic Phases is all about teaching people how to be themselves by having creativity, and the motivation and drive to reach their life goals, dreams, and ambitions. WE ARE POETIC PHASES!!
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