Kayla Brianna- “Like Father, Like Daughter” | Music News

Just when music, arguably, has reached its most mundane state, a fresh-faced and fierce talent is set to rock the world, one song at a time. Interscope Records’ latest signee, Kayla Brianna, a R&B music darling, is the perfect amalgamation of brains, beauty and unparalleled talent.

As she reminisces on “California Dreaming” as a young girl and living the glory days as the daughter of a retired basketball legend,(Kenny Smith, now a sports Commentator for ESPN & TNT Sports), Kayla B. credits influences including Brandy, Aaliyah and Keri Hilson for her sound, a fusion of classic pop, R&B and jazz, giving her a delivery reminiscent of the ‘90’s.

Biding her time between school and the studio, the starlet, who is self-described as “creative and smart, yet sassy and edgy”, plans to carry the torch by presenting and promoting music that speaks to young girls around the world who are in “transition.” She excitedly explains, “My music is “transitional music.” It’s about growing up, succeeding, experiencing heartbreak and self-identity, simultaneously. When you add those messages to undeniable tracks, it becomes a message that you can move to!” Following in the footsteps of her Dad, she loves to be on TV, but Music is where her heart is at!!!!!

Endorsed by music, entertainment, and sports heavyweights including George Lopez, Chris Rock, Ice Cube, and Kobe Bryant, Kayla B. is more than just a manufactured concept. The stage is set and the fans are demanding a new playlist of power, provided by the industry’s newest “girl next door.”

“I’m going to shock them and rock them. It’s my time,” Kayla gushes. Ready, set, go. Let the beat hit ‘em!
JUst like here father, she is not going to give up on her dream!!!!!

[Via: http://www.kaylabrianna.com ]

Here is her newest single, a remake of Brownstone’s ” If You Love Me”  song by Kayla Brianna. Enjoy!!!

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