Drake-“Started From The Bottom” | Music Video

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Katy Poetess- “Banished To Eden” | Poetry

“Banished To Eden” By Katy Poetess

We blend into each other’s colours
begging serpent’s curiosity of insidious skin.
Sullen hand removed, reveals scars in their beauty
motherhood replaced by conjured virgin within
 Love’s chameleon tongues a hedonism
anxious lips kiss curved ribs appled in eye
pole dancing a Jacob’s ladder of debauchery
“Don’t move” you cry, and I’m flung far and wide
Pulse thumped throat tightens, maddens,
desire’s fury to open violent playpen of lust
salivating our self absorbed paradise
brutish tender tones surprise with every push
Thumb in mouth. I suck hard, forsaken
and you greedy yourself in insatiableness
bruised by a ruse that love has no bounds
I am freed from my untamed contrariness 
 Defiantly swaying velvet to centre stage
 I ride you deeply in transient dominance
gently to the back and front of your mind
 lace and ribbons untangle any resistance
 Climax flushes dapple of leo constellation
a delicacy radiates an interstellar delight.
  Starcrossed, I’m miraged by your poetry
that one day you could be mine, despite.
Bright blue eyes disguise dark in sky
we lie in a guileless romantic tension.
Later, indulged, I sleep tight in your arms,
In a perpetual night of sexual possession.

 © Katypoetess 2013


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Poetic Phases Presents: “Who Is Drip’ N Steeze??” [Exclusive Interview Promo Video] 2.16.13


Two Brothers, Different Goals, One Dream. From Pasadena, CA Drip’N Steeze aka “That DNS Crew” have worked their way from the bottom up. Starting out as six members, only 2 remain, and are doing exceptionally well. Drip N’ Steeze transitioned over the years from a dancing group, into a talented musical duo. Frezh & Switch are two talented young men, who have large aspirations but always remain humble to their fans, family, friends, and most improtantly….themselves. Poetic Phases always looks for the best in upcoming artists, and in Drip’ N Steeze, we believe we found out. Find out more about their aspirations, life goals, and personal life on February 16th, 2013 (2.16.13). The Exclusive Drip’ N Steeze Interview will be released, and presented by your one and only, Poetic Phases Website Team!!! Tune in on 2.16.13!!! Save the Date!!!!
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“Assemblages of David Welch”| Photography

David Welch, a Dutch Photographer, has inspired an assemblage of photos that reflect the “Material World” which is indeed the name of his art series. He creates monuments and totems that reflect a culture that is caught in a contemplative gaze. Be sure to check out his work.





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“Stussy & Heel Bruise Present:Under The Radar [Atlas Skate]” | Photography



Under the Radar Stussy_1

Under the Radar Stussy_22

Under the Radar Stussy_3

Under the Radar Stussy_10

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YG- “Just Re’D Up 2” | Mixtape

YG 400 is back with the uncut music straight from Compton, CA. “Just Re’D Up 2” dropped yesterday at 6 AM. It has already reached past 9,500 downloads within the first hour it was realeased. The Mixtape features artists such as Nipsey Hussle, Wiz Khalifa, Ray J, and Dom Kennedy. There are a total of 28 songs on the entire mixtape, and a majority of them are all bangers. YG really stepped up his game on this mixtape. His lyrical content, quality, and production were a major improvement compared to the last Just Re’D Up Mixtape. Please be sure to download and enjoy!!!

Download: YG-Just Re’D Up 2 Mixtape

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Disclosure- “White Noise” feat. Aluna George | New Music


Another banger released by the incredible and fantastic  Disclosure ft. AlunaGeorge. The song is called: “White Noise“. It has the upbeat Pop/Techno feel, and it’s definitely meant for the club dancers and party ravers. Please enjoy the beautiful music of the UK.
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